Tips for Purchasing Regiment Polo Shirts for That Perfect Fit

The great thing about regiment polo shirts is that you can wear them just about anywhere. They are designed for comfort, but it is not difficult to dress them up. Now, you are likely not going to be wearing one of these items to a formal dinner, but there are so many other occasions that call for a great looking polo shirt that it is always handy to have a couple lying around.

One of the reasons polo shirts are so versatile is because they are designed to look somewhat formal, even if they are not. There is a reason why these shirts are the go-to uniform for golf clubs around the world – at one time, this was a very formal sport and these shirts were considered to be the formal uniform of the sporting world. Not much has changed, but in order for the shirt to do its job, you need to make sure that you buy one that fits just right.

How do you know which polo shirt will fit you just so? First, you need to get to know a bit more about the fit.

What is a Fit?

The fit of a shirt is the way that it is draped over your body. A shirt is not simply two pieces of material that have been stitched together – it is designed with your body shape in mind so that it looks a certain way when worn. The fit tends to differ, depending on how the designer wanted the finished product to look, so this is an important starting point for anyone looking to purchase regiment polo shirts.

Different Types of Fit

The classic fit tends to be one of the most popular options for people for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this fit tends to be the most comfortable and so it is generally opted for by sports enthusiasts. The stitching on this sort of fit is not as structured as the others, and it also fits perfectly with just about any outfit, from a pair of jeans to golf slacks. It is always a good idea to add a pair of classic fit polo shirts to your collection, just in case you are looking for something a bit more casual.

The custom fit polo shirt is designed to fit a bit more snugly, so it really allows you to show off your body. These sorts of regiment polo shirts are great for anyone with some muscle to display, although it works just as well for someone who is sleek and slender. The thing about this sort of fit is that it doesn’t allow for as much movement as the classic fit, so you should keep this in mind when making the purchase.

The skinny fit regiment polo shirts are more form fitting than the custom designs, and so they are not appropriate for exercise in the least. These sorts of clothing items feature very tight stitching and they will hug closely against the body, ensuring that every curve is visible. The skinny fit tends to work well with petite frames, and this is great for anyone who struggles to find clothing that they do not drown in.

The slim fit is a more flexible style of polo shirt. These regiment polo shirts have shorter sleeves and they have been designed for a lean body. These are the sorts of polo shirts that can work really well as a casual piece of clothing and as a more formal shirt because of the way in which they have been designed.

Picking the Right Fit

In order to pick the right fit, you will first need to ensure you take your physique and your comfort needs into account. It is usually a good idea to start out by taking your chest, neck and waist measurements because comparing these to a size shirt. Even if you assume you know your size, doing a quick check will ensure that you do not lose out because of a discrepancy.

Choosing the right regiment polo shirts is about so much more than just opting for a great colour and picking out a great fit will ensure that you feel just as great each time you put it on.