The Buyer’s Guide to Regiment Polo Shirts

Shopping for regiment polo shirts isn't just about picking the right badge and colour – it is about choosing an item that is going to look great from the moment it slips over your head, and this can be trickier than it might appear at first. Most people, when tasked with buying a polo shirt, will simply pick the first one that catches their eye, but they often forget about things like fit, material and even temperature. This guide is all you need to pick that perfect polo shirt.

What Should it Look Like?

Before you actually make a purchase, it helps to know what your regiment polo shirts should look like when you put them on. The polo shirt has been designed to fit in a snug manner, so it should not be billowy or loose. If the shirt is either of these things, it is either the wrong size, or simply not made very well. With that being said, it is important to remember that these shirts should not be too tight, since this is an indication that the shirt is too small. When wearing the shirt, you should be able to move around freely, without feeling constricted or constrained, and the fabric should never get in your way.

When wearing the shirt and moving about, ensure the fabric that covers the torso does not move too much – about four inches should be the maximum amount the shirt moves when it is pulled away from the chest.

The sleeves are just as important to consider when thinking about the fit. You will find that most well made polo shirts have sleeves that have been designed to reach that space between the elbow and the shoulder. Keep in mind that there are those varieties of regiment polo shirts that will actually reach right down to your wrists. Ultimately, this size will depend on the make of clothing.

Customized and Non-Customized

Due to the popularity of the polo shirt, it is very easy to find customized and non-customized versions of this item of clothing and both have their advantages. Customizing this sort of item helps to personalize it in some way, and items such as regiment polo shirts ensure that you can represent your regiment while wearing a comfortable, high quality item of clothing. Keep in mind that there are different ways that you can go about personalizing your this item of clothing, including screen printing and embroidery, and both offer their own sets of pros and cons. Screen printing, for example, tends to be the less expensive option between the two, but it is not as long lasting as the alternative.

Types of Shirts

There are a variety of regiment polo shirts on the market and it is important that you get to know your options because each one has something to offer that the others do not. Blended materials, for example, bring a variety of materials and their benefits together, allowing the user to take advantage of them all. These materials might be manufactured from a blend of cotton and synthetic materials, allowing the user to benefit from the sturdy nature of the synthetic materials with the comfort that cotton has to offer.

The jersey knit shirt, on the other hand, tend to have a very breathable nature, and so this sort of material is best for high activity environments. While this sort of material is great for the field, it tends not to last as long as many other materials, so it might need to be replaced more frequently. The good news is that this material isn’t very costly, so most people are happy to make this sort of investment.

Polyester is a very durable material and so these sorts of regiment polo shirts will tend to stick around for a much longer time. You can expect to pay a bit more for the privilege of owning one of these shirts, but you also will not have to worry about issues such as shrinking and staining.

Making a Smart Decision

Having a basic understanding of the options that are available will ensure that you can pick out the highest quality regiment polo shirts that the industry has to offer and rest assured that it will fit well.