4 Great Perks of Military Blazer Badges

When people think of military blazer badges, they often imagine these to be those badges that decorate regiment clothing with little or no purpose other than to fulfil a requirement by the "higher ups" to dress correctly, but this is not necessarily the case. These days, these badges are so much more than adornments on a parade outfit – they are the often the essence of an official uniform for a variety of reasons.

If you think that blazer badges have always been part of the military uniform, think again. At one point or another, uniforms consisted of nothing more than a group of people who chose to wear a certain colour in order to more easily identify themselves as being a part of a group. Over time, it became necessary to identify large groups of the military more easily, and over time, this evolved. These days, you can tell exactly what position and regiment someone belongs to simply by looking at their uniform.

They Identify a Regiment

One of the biggest benefits of military blazer badges is that these items actually identify certain individuals to be part of specific regiments, so it is easy to see where someone fits in just by looking at the badge they are wearing. This sort of identification comes in handy just about everywhere – from missions overseas to at home parades. This is one of the most common uses for the blazer badge and it is not only sees in the military. These days, you can see blazer badges everywhere from schools to local law enforcement uniforms. Ultimately, the badge is so much more than just a symbol.

They Inspire Team Building

Cohesion is an important part of being part of a team and there are many ways for leaders to inspire team building. One of the ways that they can accomplish this is by ensuring that everyone has a uniform, and military blazer badges take this one step further. By wearing these badges, individuals are not only marked as a part of the same army, but the smaller regiments to which they belong can then be identified. Most people assume that badges are simply for identification purposes, but this is most certainly not the case and this becomes clear when you see veterans choosing to wear their regiment badges on their casual attire, long after they have completed their service. An individual that feels as if they are a part of a team will work as a unit, and this can increase the overall power of that unit.

They are for Casual and Official Wear

Military blazer badges are often worn long after a service man or woman has retired, which is why they can be printed or embroidered onto casual attire. Of course, casual clothing with these badges attached is not only meant for retirees – they can be worn by just about anyone who wants to represent their regiment while they are on leave. The best thing about having these badges attached to casual clothing is that this can be done on just about any item of clothing, making it easy for individual to pick out their favourite pieces from home, or opt to purchase something new and have the badge attached.

They Bring Back Memories

Many people still feel like they are a part of their regiment when they leave the army and this is another perk of having military blazer badges sewn onto casual clothing. In many instances, these badges can be kept as mementoes of a time spent either within one’s own country or on a post overseas.

In the past, military blazer badges might have been used simply for the purposes of being able to identify certain individuals within a group of the army, but this has changes over time. Badges are not only practical, but they can also be very sentimental. These badges have become items of pride, and furthermore, they have become symbols of a country, regiment or even individuals that people have an allegiance to and this can be very powerful. It is no wonder that people are still choosing to have their badges sewn onto not only their official uniforms but also their personal clothing.