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4 Organizations That Make Use of Blazer Badges

When people think of blazer badges, many different organizations might be called to mind and this is for good reason – many organizations make use of these badges not only to ensure that they can easily be identified, but also to give their members a sense of belonging to the organization. Some of the organizations that make use of these badges are private, while others are a part of the government. Many of the reasons for making use of these badges will depend on what sort of organization has chosen to make use of them. The Police The police are perfect the most recognisable organization that makes use of blazer badges and you can see it on just about every...

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A Short History of Blazers and Blazer Badges

It is extremely difficult to attempt to trace an exact history of the blazer badges because there are so many theories about where these items originated from. Even though identifying its origins is a daunting task, there are many people who believe that the origins of this and the blazer badges that adorn them can be traced to about one of two origins. The first origin story is traced back to the Lady Margaret Boat Club, which was established as far back as 1825 in Cambridge. It is believed that individuals who belonged to this club were expected to uniforms that were decorated with bright scarlet. Because of the colour associated with these uniforms, they are said to have been nicknamed...

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4 Great Perks of Military Blazer Badges

When people think of military blazer badges, they often imagine these to be those badges that decorate regiment clothing with little or no purpose other than to fulfil a requirement by the "higher ups" to dress correctly, but this is not necessarily the case. These days, these badges are so much more than adornments on a parade outfit – they are the often the essence of an official uniform for a variety of reasons. If you think that blazer badges have always been part of the military uniform, think again. At one point or another, uniforms consisted of nothing more than a group of people who chose to wear a certain colour in order to more easily identify themselves as...

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