4 Organizations That Make Use of Blazer Badges

When people think of blazer badges, many different organizations might be called to mind and this is for good reason – many organizations make use of these badges not only to ensure that they can easily be identified, but also to give their members a sense of belonging to the organization. Some of the organizations that make use of these badges are private, while others are a part of the government. Many of the reasons for making use of these badges will depend on what sort of organization has chosen to make use of them.

The Police

The police are perfect the most recognisable organization that makes use of blazer badges and you can see it on just about every time of clothing they wear, from their official police jackets to the t-shirts that are worn for training. One of the reasons the police make use of badges is to ensure that they are immediately recognizable by the public, but there is also another reason. There are many divisions within the police and their badges are able to distinguish between them.

The police badges do not only differ depending on the specific division to which an official belongs – these badges are also different from country to country. It is often possible to see symbols of justice and truth being represented within a police badge because these are principles that most policing organizations throughout the world are meant to uphold.

The Army

The army is another organization that is well known for their blazer badges and this is perhaps where some of the widest variation of these badges can be found. The army has an enormous number of divisions within it and these badges are not only meant to distinguish from among them, but they are also meant to distinguish between higher ranking officials.

Colours and symbols are usually used in order to distinguish from among certain regiments and rankings, and there are many individuals who have dedicated years of study to these badges. Upon retirement, many individuals choose to have blazer badges sewn onto their casual attire and this is especially true of veterans who still belong to the organization, even if they have retired from active duty.


Schools are now making use of blazer badges in order to make it easy to identify their students. These badges usually contain the school’s crest and sometimes the motto, depending on what it is. In many countries it is the private schools that require students to wear blazers and the accompanying badges. These badges are not only for identification purposes – they are also used to form feelings of group cohesion, which is very important within a school. By identifying themselves as a part of the school, children will often feel more pride in the establishment and hopefully contribute towards the betterment of the school on behalf of everyone.


More and more corporations are now calling for their employees to start wearing uniforms that contain badges and this is because uniforms tend to look professional, among other reasons. One of the main reasons a corporation might have for requesting that their employees wear a uniform is for the advertising. Customers are coming to recognise companies simply by their logos, and these are now replacing the crests that would traditionally make up the badges for organizations such as the army and the police.

Certain organizations, such as airlines, require that their pilots wear badges that represent both the company for which they are flying, as well as their own rank. This sort of identification ensures that the proper order is kept when the plane is in flight and it provides high ranking pilots with the respect that they deserve after so many years in the field.

These days, blazer badges are no longer restricted to organizations such as armies and even the police – just about anyone can use them to identify themselves with a specific group, and many do. A badge can be anyone from a crest to a colour – the specific look and feel does not matter – it is what the badge is symbolising that matters. Ultimately, blazer badges are versatile and a great way to ensure that you really feel as if you are a part of the team